Archivistas en Espanglish is a collective of transnational Latin American & Latinx archivists and cultural workers that aims to incubate and amplify spaces of memory-building within las Américas. We center the lived and intersectional histories and experiences of nuestros pueblos & communities as they exist: past, present & future.

Ultimately our goal is to further transnational and equitable solidarity-building among Latin American & US-based self-archiving initiatives via collaborative programming, dialogue, skill-shares, and the leveraging of resources. We believe in the power of embodied & living archives rooted in self-determination and resistance.

Given our own respective roots and migration histories, we are aware that Spanish is not the sole language – past nor present – spoken throughout las Américas as indigenous languages, Portuguese, French, Creole and other dialects and languages centered in hybridity are among the many spoken throughout the region. We hope to further incorporate and collaborate with the many communities currently carrying out archival initiatives in languages other than Spanish, English and of course Espanglish.